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– Essay on How Do Children Use Language to Construct and Express Their Identity

Number of Words : 1804

Number of References : 7


 1.1) Portrayal of identity in conversation: 3
 1.2) Childhood experiences: 4
 2. Early Childhood 4
 2.1 Preschooler Period 4
 2.2 Schooling Period 5
 2.3 Learning from home: 5
 3) Role of attitudes in language learning 6
 4) Adolescence 6
 4.1) 2 steps of identity development in adolescence 6
 4.2) Stage of Moratorium: 7
 5) Influence of language on gender 7
 6) Conclusion 8


One of the simplest ways to identify a child’s or adults thought process is through their conversational skills. What one may call as an interesting conversation also depends on the speaker’s audience and also varies across different cultures and societies. Children often learn to converse listening to different people around them and form their styles of speaking depending on those used in their local community. <br />

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