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Report on ‘how companies today are looking at social media marketing as an effective strategy for tapping the right target audience’

Number of Words : 2140

Number of References : 10


 This report is based on the following question –
 A new marketing trend is for organizations to use social networking applications, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blogs, as marketing tools. Your task is to review the literature related to social networking, evaluate how social networking is used by organizations to target consumers, and identify new ways you think organizations could utilize social networking as a marketing strategy in the future.


The report will look at how companies today are looking at social media marketing as an effective strategy for tapping the right target audience and turnover of the organization. The various sections of the report highlights on evolution of social media websites have changed the mindset of audiences, how the thought process has been molded towards using company’s products and services. Furthermore it explains as how it has contributed to making company’s activities more productive by using varied means of online communication. Using social networking sites such as Facebook, My Space and Twitter have enabled organizations to move out of brick and mortar stores and create an online presence which proves to be profitable (Chaffey, D. & Smith, P., 2008). The first section on literature review puts forward the views of different authors on how they perceive social media marketing and how this has been able to capture untapped market. Also, it cannot go unnoticed that online marketing has picked up the decline in branding and consumer behavior faced by some of the organizations. This customer centric approach has enabled the companies to gear up for a profitable campaign. The next section on marketing strategy evaluates how the four P’s of marketing works in case of social media marketing. The alternative approach to social media marketing which builds s portrays how can the numbers of fan and unique visits to social networking websites can be increased for maximum awareness and greatest impact. <br />

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