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Essay on the topic - How does a consumer decide if a marketer's brand is superior to others; does he make decisions in a linear, logical manner or in a circuitous, heuristic fashion

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  Factors influencing consumer decision
  Process of the consumer’s decision
  Brand awareness
  Empowered consumers
  Types of loyalty


In this contemporary world, the organization strives hard to get their market share by competing with each other in terms of quality, price as well as delivery date. Moreover due to recent changes in the policies at the international level like liberalization, globalization as well as privatization, they are compelled to compete in the local as well as in the international level. Unless the organization is able to satisfy the consumers, they are not able to withstand in the competitive business world. Recent days, the consumers are more aware about the brands that are available in the market. In general the consumers decide to buy quality products and if they are more confident about the brand they make their purchases accordingly. This paper analyses the fact how the consumer decides if a market brand is superior to others and whether he makes his decisions in a linear and a logical manner or in a circuitous and heuristic fashion.<br />

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