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Assignment on How global companies should effectively negotiate with business partners

Number of Words : 3463

Number of References : 11


 1)Executive Summary 2
 2)Terms of reference 3
 i)Relevant details about the presenter of this report 3
 ii)Relevant details about the client 3
 iii)Requirement of our client 4
 3)Overview of the situation 5
 4)Analysis of the situation 7
 i)Strengths 7
 ii)Weaknesses 8
 iii)Opportunities 9
 iv)Threats 10
 5)Solutions and recommendations 10
 6)Forecasts and outcomes 12
 7)References 13


We are a consulting company that deals in global consulting for organizations that work across political boundaries, continents and cultures. Apart from providing business viability reports through analysis of market conditions and future trends, we also provide effective guidelines for bridging cultural divides as these differences might assume so serious a proportion as to jeopardize the very existence of joint venture between partners hailing from diverse cultures. <br />Our client is a German company having very good market reputation in the fields of electrical and electronics engineering and also in mobile communications, transportation, energy and lighting sectors. It also has a sizeable presence in healthcare, e-business and finance industries. It proposes to enter into a joint venture with a Japanese company that is well reputed manufacturing notebooks and mini-computers and in providing innovative solutions in IT related spheres. The proposed merged entity would be based in Netherlands and aspires to become the leading player in Europe in notebooks, mini-computers; IT related services and mobile computing.<br />This report deals in detail about the economic viability of such a merger and the possible problems that might surface on account of cross cultural interaction. Recommendations and guidelines on how to avoid such problems have also been discussed in depth in this report. However, the exact course of action in a particular situation will obviously have to be determined by our client as it is not possible to provide a readymade answer to all points of concern.<br />

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