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Discussion on how health care associated infections post surgery could be reduced - prevented

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  How can HAI be reduced?


Healthcare associated infections post surgery is one of the serious issues facing people in Scotland. This refers to the infections caused by the germs, bacteria, viruses by entering in the human body when the patients come in close with the workers. In Scotland, HAI is a major issue faced by people post surgery in the hospital or in any other healthcare setting. These viruses enter the human body just like a flu resulting in serious problems.<br /> Today, healthcare associated infection post surgery has become a critical patient safety issue and is one of the major causes for the death in hospitals. The infection catches and spreads in the patient due to poor quality of care from the nurses, physicians and the hospital staff and doctors who visit the patient often. The healthcare associated infections are caught when the patients recover from the surgery and when they receive treatments in the hospital. This infection is very dangerous as the research shows that 99000 people die every year due to mishandling of the patients (Health Protection Scotland, 2007).<br />

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