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Essay on how supply chain may be made sustainable to ensure the continuous supply of parts for maintenance of expensive plant and machinery with a long life span in a mining company

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 Introduction 2
 What is supply chain 2
 Taking Lessons from High Performers of other Industries 3
 Supply Chain in Mining company 4
 Choosing the right Operating Model for Supply Chain 6
 Integration of Partners in Supply Chain 7
 Supply Chain Planning 8
 Quality Training to Build Expertise 9
 How can mining companies recover operational performance and guarantee resource efficiency? 10


The Mining executive, like their counterparts in any other industries, has to deal with a number of challenges for keeping up with the high performance through supply chain. There is a strong relation and direct relation between supply chain and high performance. Here, in this report we try to identify how the supply chain can be made sustainable to ensure continuous supply of parts and equipments for a high performance and challenges faced by mining industries in Queensland due to booming growth and see how improved supply chain can result into high company performance. We shall also see how to deploy various strategies to master the supply chain.<br />

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