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Report analysing Human needs in Advertising

Number of Words : 2310

Number of References : 3


 Executive summary
 Demographic Segmentation of the Advertisements
 Analysis of the Advertising Appeals Used
 Analysis of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Targeted by the Ads
 Discussion of Findings from the Survey Done On Three People


The following report shows how different companies with the help of advertising can transfer those ‘want’ into demand. The report will also highlight how different advertisements are targeted towards a specific demographic segment as each such segment has got a specific need of their own.<br />The report aims to analyze two advertisements which have come out on the Internet and newspaper and show to what portion of the market they have targeted their product and which particular need they have aimed to satisfy. The report will also highlight based on what behavior, the consumers take their buying decision and hence the power of advertising and marketing in selling a product. <br />

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