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Critical analysis of the Human Resource Management (HRM) practices at Walmart using the various models and frameworks on Leadership

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 Research Approach – Inductive & Deductive
 Data Collection Methodology
 Leadership Theory in practice at Walmart
 McKinsey 7c Framework
 Ansoff Matrix
 Business model of IT: Value Chain Framework
 E-commerce operations at Walmart


To attempt this paper, Wal Mart is taken as an organization. Wal Mart is a worldwide recognized retail brand for daily grocery and other items of use. Wal Mart works in the form of retail stores on different retailing formats across the world. The company offers the customers with highly subsidized prices for the everyday use products. Wal Mart has its operations in countries across the world. In US alone, Wal Mart operates in 50 stores on different retailing format. Not just this, the company operates in wholly owned subsidiary in countries of Brazil, Canada, Argentina, UK, Mexico and also works on cash and carry format in developing nations of India and China. <br />Wal Mart operates in the name of discount stores worldwide as the prices offered by them are highly competitive. The products offered at Wal Mart range from grocery to the apparel. The success of Wal Mart lies in the successful planning, strategy and the organizational processes followed in the company. To do the analysis of Wal Mart, some models have been discussed below which reflect on the nature of the organization. <br />

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