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Building of Online relationship marketing for Huntington National bank

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 . Introduction
 2. Organization with scopes of implementing online relationship marketing
 3. Relationship marketing strategies of the organization
 3.1 Customer recognition
 3.2 Customer involvement
 3.3 Personalized offerings
 4 Scopes of implementing online relationship approaches
 4.1 Social networking
 4.2 Blogs
 5. Implications related to e-marketing
 5.1 Benefits
 5.2 Ethical issues
 6 Conclusions


Huntington National bank can be considered as one of those organizations that can benefit by implementing effective online relationship marketing strategies (“Huntington national bank”, 2008). Huntington National bank is a regional bank that operates in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia (“Huntington national bank”, 2008). The bank is a medium sized enterprise which provides retail and commercial financial services online. Huntington National bank is an affiliate of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated, a bank holding company, which is headquartered at Ohio, Columbia. Huntington National bank is a prominent name among financial institutions, which provide loans to small and medium sized business enterprises (“Huntington national bank”, 2008). There are several factors that suggest that Huntington National bank can gain advantages by implementing online relationship marketing strategies. According to a section of financial experts, the next few years will see a possible boom of the medium sized banks. Huntington National bank is being considered as one of the potential banks that can potentially prosper in the next few years (“US small, mid-size banks may catch investors’ fancy”, 2010). There are a number of factors that have lead to these assumptions. One of the most prominent reasons is that credit costs are decreasing as the economic conditions of United States of America is slowly but steadily returning to normalcy (“US small, mid-size banks may catch investors’ fancy”, 2010). Experts are of the opinion that under these circumstances, the medium sized banks will be able to recover comparatively quickly than the larger banks, due to the stabilizing non performing assets and low funding costs in the years to come (“US small, mid-size banks may catch investors’ fancy”, 2010). Also, in the recent past Huntington National bank has emerged as one of the prominent financial institutions that have achieved considerable success rates as far as providing loans to small business is concerned. In a recent national survey, Huntington National bank has been ranked second, as far as providing to loans to small business is concerned (“US small, mid-size banks may catch investors’ fancy”, 2010). Also, the administrators of Huntington National bank has revealed plans to increasing its customer base, in the next three years, especially by providing loans to small businesses ( “ Huntington national bank to ease credit to small businesses”, 2010). The bank even plans to approach small businesses which do not have impressive track records in the recent past. Thus clearly, the recent track record of Huntington National bank is certainly one of the factors that have boosted its credibility and reliability among customers. Experts believe that it is an ideal time for Huntington National bank to further strengthen its hold on the market by implementing effective relationship marketing strategies ( “ Huntington national bank to ease credit to small businesses”, 2010). In this regard, online relationship marketing can certainly be used as a practical tool to achieve the desired results. Online relationship marketing approaches can be used effectively to increase the customer base of the organization in the next few years. <br />

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