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Analysis of the article - Hydrosoluble medicated nail lacquers in vitro drug permeation and corresponding antimycotic activity

Number of Words : 2849

Number of References : 10


 Introduction 2
 Impact Factor of Journal 2
 Research Background in the Article 3
 Aim/Hypothesis of the Research 4
 Research Methodology 4
 Strengths and Weaknesses of the Chosen Design in the Article 5
 Method Reproducibility 5
 Appraisal of Experimental Procedure 6
 Techniques in Experimental Work 7
 Controls in the Research 7
 Technique and Statistical Test 8
 Results of the Study 8
 Result Presentation 9
 Discussion of the Article 9
 Review on Authors Work and Representation of the Article 9
 Conclusion 11
 References 12


The article in the journal discusses the alternative topical option for the disorder which is more effective treatment as compared to creams and solutions. The article discusses about two nail lacquers CPX and MRF and is the most efficient method of application since the in vitro penetration was better as compared to Loceryl a water soluble reference (Gupta & Kohli, 2003).<br />The aim of the research study is to evaluate the effectiveness of two nail lacquers CPR and MRF against the commercially available reference, Loceryl. The research study has been carried out using the technique one way analysis, ANCOVA and the statistical analysis is done by linear regression. The article explains the experimental procedure involved in analyzing the effectiveness of water soluble CPR and MRF and non water soluble reference, Loceryl.<br />

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