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Ikea Invades America - Famous Case study Analysis

Number of Words : 3015

Number of References : 26


 Introduction 3
 Ikea - Company Background 3
 Ikea Invades America – The Case Overview 4
 Purpose of Study 4
 Analysis 4
 Customer Satisfaction 4
 Innovation 6
 Marketing Strategy 7
 Target Market Identification 9
 Positioning, Branding, And Pricing 11
 Conclusion 12
 References 14
 List of Figures
 Figure 1 Revenue of Ikea between years 2003-2014 3
 Figure 2 ACSI Model on Consumer Satisfaction 5
 Figure 3 Push and Pull Marketing Strategy 8
 Figure 4 Target Customer Identification Model 9
 Figure 5 Porter's Generic Model 11


The case is about Ikea entering into American markets and establishing itself there. Though the company entered the American markets in the year 1985 it performance gained pace only post 1995 (Moon, 2004). This was possible only when Ikea overhauled its strategic approach right from procurement of raw materials to pricing and from advertisements to the introduction of varied services to match with American consumers. Presently the company aims for further expansion and thus seeks to analyse its success ratio in American <br />

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