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Comprehensive Review report of IT/IS practices of IKEA

Number of Words : 2694

Number of References : 19

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  Executive summary
  About IKEA
  Problem situation
  Rich picture
  Root definitions & CATWOEs
  SWOT Analysis
  Improved use and management of IS/IT
  Wiseman’s framework
  List of references


The report has been prepared for IKEA to review its current uses of IS/IT in their operations, critique their IS/IT management practices and recommend new changes and possible initiatives that would improve its business performance. The report starts by presenting a clear picture of the lacunae in the company’s operations and IS/IT management practices. These have been viewed as a human activity system rather than as a mechanical operation. It has been found that IKEA sticks to traditional methods in order to reaffirm its unique identity; but this stance needs to be changed at the following levels- Customer Service, Marketing Strategies, and Internal Organisation. For this purpose, IKEA has been viewed from an external customer’s aspect as well as an employee’s internal aspect. Its CATWOEs have been discussed to arrive at a concrete picture of the areas that need amendments. IKEA has been thoroughly analysed through a study of its organisational culture and attitude towards IS/IT practices. A SWOT analysis of the company has also been undertaken. According to the conclusions from these analysis, an IS vision has been developed for IKEA. It has been supported by IT architecture. Need of more and better machinery and software has been emphasised. Training of the personnel and modifying the work environment has been appropriately discussed. IS Strategic Plan has been included in the report to make this vision and architecture a reality. Lastly, recommendations have been summarised in the Wiseman’s framework. We wish IKEA all the best in all its future endeavours.<br />

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