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Paper on the impact of communication on different business and commercial world

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 This paper provides answer to the 3 questions provided below –
 1. Topic
 You work for a company in Sydney, Australia that exports foodstuffs to Dubai, United Arab
 Emirates. Write a set of guidelines that will help your staff to maximise effective communication
 with their business s in Dubai and maximise sales by supplying appropriate foodstuffs to the
 United Arab Emirates import market.
 You should consider communication channels and cross-cultural business ethics and methods as
 well as cultural, religious and dietary issues that may impact on successful communication.
 2. Topic
 Does the use of digital communication help Australian Indigenous peoples to preserve and
 publicise their culture. Discuss this, considering points such as how the use of digital
 communication might change Indigenous culture and whether the websites about Australian
 Indigenous peoples are being created by people within Indigenous communities or by non-
 Indigenous people.
 3. Topic
 Does access to digital communication – the Internet, web pages, virtual meetings, email – cause more
 problems than it solves when cross-cultural issues such as religion, hierarchy or business ethics are
 involved. In your paper contrast two countries, such as Australia and Indonesia OR India and Canada
 OR Japan and South Korea.


This paper will through light on the impact of communication on different business and commercial world. It will cover three major areas each discussing how various communications can affect a company in Australia to export to UAE. It will discuss the obstacles and guideline that one need to keep in mind in order to enhance better communication among the staff and increase the sales. Overall, this paper will give a better understanding of ways and channels of communication for an organization to better improve itself. <br />

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