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Paper analysing the impact of economic recession on British Airways Plc (British Airways)

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 This report answers the following questions on British Airways –
 i. Identify the mission, Values and key objectives of the British Airways and assess the influence of stakeholders on the organization.
 ii. Using PESTEL and any management tool you are familiar with evaluate the impact of macroeconomic policy measures and the influence of the global economy on British airways and its stakeholders.
 iii. Explain whether the problems facing the British airways can be found in a planned economic system and discuss whether the economic system in which the BA operates allocates resources better.
 iv. State the market in which the British Airways operate and discuss whether it is easy to merge in that type of market (regulatory environment implication etc)
 v. Explain whether the British airways have benefited from international business/trade and the European Union. What will be the business implication to the BA, if the UK, joins the European Monetary Union (EMU).


This report is written for the purpose of analyzing the impact of economic recession on British Airways Plc (British Airways). British Airways despite being the UK market leader in airline operations has faced increasing competition over the last ten years resulting in n down-turn in their market share. <br />The report begins by comparing the vision and mission of BA with its influence on the stakeholders followed by the analysis of the impact of the macroeconomic policy measures and influence of the global economic policy measures on its stakeholders. <br />This report also gives a picture of the economic system and market in which BA functions along with the analyses of the benefits obtained by BA through European Union and International Trade. The impact on BA on the UK government joining with the European Monetary Union is also discussed.<br />

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