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Dissertation on Impact of global financial crises on stock broking firms in India with reference to BSE Sensex

Number of Words : 18765

Number of References : 29


 Abstract 1
 Acknowledgement 2
 Table of Contents 3
 Chapter 1: Introduction 6
 1.1 Background 6
 1.2 Statement of Problem 8
 1.3 Thesis Objectives 8
 1.4 Preliminary Framework 9
 1.4.1 Research Strategy and Methods of Data Collection 9
 1.4.2 Sources of Data 9
 1.4.3 Access and Research Ethics 10
 1.4.4 Techniques for Analyzing and Interpreting Data 10
 Chapter 2: Literature Review 11
 2.1 Introduction 11
 2.2 Relationship between Credit and Economic Cycles 12
 2.3 Factors Influencing Credit Cycles 13
 2.4 Behavior of Banks and Credit Availability 15
 2.5 Economic Cycle – US 16
 2.5.1 Stage of the Cycle 17
 2.5.2 Moderate and jobless recovery 18
 2.5.3 Analysis- Lets Merge Economic Cycle with credit Cycle in USA 20
 2.6 The Indian Story 22
 2.6.1 Key Takeaways 22
 Chapter 3: Methodology 24
 3.1 Introduction 24
 3.2 Research Paradigm 25
 3.3 Research Design 25
 3.3.1 Research Philosophy 26
 3.3.2 Research Approach 26
 3.3.3 Type of Study in Accordance with Objective 29
 3.4 Research Overview 30
 3.4.1 Secondary Data 30
 3.4.2 Primary Data 32
 3.5 Research Methodology/Strategy 32
 3.5.1 Secondary Research Design 34
 3.5.2 Primary Research Design 34
 3.6 Data Analysis 39
 3.6.1 Analysis of Survey Questionnaire 39
 3.6.2 Analysis of survey Interviews 40
 3.7 Privacy and Ethical Issues 40
 3.8 Conclusion 41
 Chapter 4: Findings and Analysis 41
 4.1 Introduction 41
 4.2 Data Analysis Techniques Followed 42
 4.2.1 Secondary data analysis 42
 4.2.2 Analysis of Primary data 47
 Conclusion and Discussion 50
 References 59
 Appendix 62
 1. SENSEX Data for last 3 years 62
 2. Questionnaire 67


Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitivity Index or BSE is a weighted index comprising of 30 stocks and started on 1-Jan-1986. It is also known as BSE Sensex. It is regarded as the pulse in the domestic markets in India. The BSE Sensex consists of 30 largest and actively traded stocks, also representatives of various industries and sectors. These companies combined account for approximately 50% of market capitalization of the BSE.<br />Looking at the exploratory nature of the research huge amount of secondary data will be thoroughly studied. It will include studying of white papers and research papers on Global financial crises in General and its impact on BSE Sensex stock brokers in specific by various analysts and authors. This study would enable me to understand the underlying concepts of the impact of financial crisis on Indian stock broking business. Variables deriving businesses of the stock brokers will also be analyzed in order to relate with the bigger picture.<br />The financial crisis which originated from subprime mortgage in USA soon affected the entire world and stock markets world over crashed. Though in the initial stages of the crisis India was not much affected but as soon as the FIIs started withdrawing their money from Indian markets panic started and Indian markets which was showing a tremendous signs of rise soon started to fall, soon after the start of the financial crisis BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) which was on the high of 21,000 points fell to its lowest levels of 7000 points.<br />The retail investors drew their attention from high risk high return USP of financial market to fixed income securities and government securities to safeguard their capital. It was the period which saw an increase in the volume of debt funds and fixed income securities in the market. This dissertation tries to find out how the global financial crisis which shook off the world markets has affected the trading firms by taking into account Bombay Stock Exchange as case study whose benchmark index is known as Sensex.<br />

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