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Assignment on Impact of technology on Coles Myer Ltd

Number of Words : 2838

Number of References : 20

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  Executive summary
  Purpose of the report
  Background – Problem statement, Assumptions, Limitations
  Findings – Coles Myer, Competitors, Consumer demographics, Retail trends, Technology trends
  Recommendations – Smart stores, Smart cards
  Costs – Smart stores, Smart cards
  Benefits – Smart stores, Smart cards
  Risks – Smart stores, Smart cards
  Implementation – Strategy, 2 X 2 matrix, Timeline for implementation
  Appendices – Biometric identification, Blue tooth, Open source, RFID, Self check out, Smart card, Consumer profile 2010, Retail technology trends


The question posed by Coles Myer for which this report aims to solve is “How will the Retail Industry in 2010 be shaped by the emerging technology in our store environment?" Our approach to this problem was to undertake an analysis of the internal (Coles Myer) and external environment (customers, competitors) as well as emerging retail industry and technology trends in order to provide insight into what the store of 2010 will resemble. From our analysis of the impact of these trends and related technologies on the store environment, we were able to formulate a number of recommendations that would be suitable for Coles Myer to implement as we move towards 2010. Our selection of these recommendations was based on which proposed solutions provided the most improved profit and benefits to Coles Myer customers, shareholders and employees.<br />

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