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Essay on the Impact of terrorism and climate change on tourism

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  Impact of Globalization on Tourism
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  Impact of Climatic Changes on Tourism


Tourism is travel for the business, leisure or recreational purposes. According to World Tourism Organization, tourists are the people who travel and stay in the places outside their usual environment for more than twenty four hours and not more than about one consecutive year for the purpose of leisure, business or other purposes that are not being related to the exercise of an activity that are remunerated from the place that is being visited for the above purpose. Tourism has become one of popular leisure activity all over the world. In the year, 2008, there were about 933 million international tourists arrivals and witnessed a growth of 1.9% when compared to the year 2007. Its receipts grew to US $ 944 billion in 2008, corresponding to an increase of 1.8%. But of the late due to recessions, terrorism, epidemic breaks out and climatically change that is seen globally tourism industry is greatly effected which has resulted in the stagnation or say fall in its growth. It might take a long way for this industry to be back to its normalcy. <br />

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