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Essay on impact of Ethics on Information security policy in the field of IT and business relations

Number of Words : 2383

Number of References : 11


 Abstract impact of ethics
 Introduction on Assignment on impact of ethics
 Position statement – Social approach of business ethics
 Position support – Information security and its importance, Effectiveness of Information security policy, Risk assessment
 Ethics again
 Conclusion on Business ethics
 List of References on Business ethics


This paper addresses the possibility of an <b>ethical</b> approach, in particular, the social approach on <b>business</b>. The importance of an efficient information security system is unavoidable in companies indifferent to how small or big the organization is. Technology is growing fast with better enhancement. This consequently brings up new security threats to business organizations every day. In order to repudiate the threats, it is important for all <b>business</b> organizations to introduce and implement adequate <b>information security</b> system. This paper looks into the aspect of <b>information security</b> and its significance among organizations. While introducing a new <b>security</b> system or software, the company usually faces different problems such as inconvenience of the employees, implementation shortcomings, and failure of alignment between different strategies and so on. The paper also probes deeply into these problems and analyzes whether the social approach has any impact on <b>information security</b> system. It also provides helpful tips to sort out the security problems and introduce a successful implementation of <b>information security</b> policy.<br />

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