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Assignment on the impacts of Information systems on Woolworths, Australia

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 This assignment is based on the following requirements –
 Information Technology has become a major component in the business processes of the 21st century.
 Select an organisation of your choice. Discuss how this organisation has responded to the introduction of Information Systems (IS) into their business paradigms. Highlight the advantages of IS, the disadvantages and the resultant shortfalls that must be addressed in this organisation.
 In your report you MUST consider the following issues:
  provide a description of the relationships between organisation, the community and the individual.
  provide a clear description, supported by evidence, of the major pressures in the organisation environment and the major organisational responses to them.
  what impact has Information Systems and Technology had on each of the components of E commerce? Provide examples.
  what role does Networked Computing play in this organisation environment? What are the essential components of Networked Computing involved in an organisation environment? What network infrastructures do organisations adopt to achieve their Information Systems and Technology goals?


In this world where technology is changing continuously, organizations have become more reliant on the IS (Information Systems) so as to manage the complexity and randomness of the industry within which they operate. Information systems have proved to be of great importance for almost all business procedures as well as management. However, they too have few drawbacks which should also be taken into consideration while their implementation. The benefits and drawbacks of IS differ from company to company. Further, taking into consideration the above discussion this particular paper highlights the role of Information Systems at one of the leading retails stores of Australia i.e. Woolworths. <br />

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