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Report on the Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) Principles at McDonalds

Number of Words : 2921

Number of References : 17


 This report is based on the following requirements -
 1. Select an organisation from the list provided and prepare a description of
  The main products and services they would provide.
  Who are their main customers?
  What are the order qualifiers for the company?
  What are the order winners for the company?
 (10% of word count)
 2. Describe three main operational processes that are needed to deliver those products and services.
 For each process identify
  Input Resources
  Transforming activities
  Output products/Services
 (25% of word count)
 3. Prepare a review the literature of at least 8 journal articles no older than 10 years on the subject of Total Quality Management describing the concepts, applications and frameworks available in general business, and appropriate for an organisation similar to the type you have chosen.
 Discuss the authors, their views on the subject and their frameworks.
 What operational benefits would you expect to see from introducing TQM?
 Describe the ways you feel the Total Quality Management concepts might develop during the coming 5 years.
 (45% word count)
 4. It is recognised that for TQM to be successfully practised in an organisation a full range of concepts have to be implemented.
 Select three concepts and describe how you would expect to observe them in action within the organisation.
 What would you expect to be the challenges that would have to be overcome for the implementation of these three concepts to succeed?
 (20%word count)


The paper discusses the main operational processes and management of world’s leading fast food restaurant chain, McDonald’s. The paper then discusses the various concepts of Total Quality Management and which concept would enable McDonald’s to achieve quality management in all its business aspects. It further discusses three concepts, which can enable any organization to practice Total Quality Management successfully.<br />

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