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India & Australia - Economic performance compared

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 Executive summary on economic development of India & Australia
 PART 1 – Snapshot of Australian and Indian Economies
 PART 2 – Comparative historical profiles of Indian & Australian economies
 PART 3 – An overview of India’s and Australia’s trade
 Part 4 – Relocation of production – Comparison of industrial disputes in India & Indonesia
 List of references on economic issues of India & Australia


The report has been prepared as a comparison between Australia and India in <b>economic</b> terms with a special emphasis on the trading relations between the two countries. The Report has been structured into four parts.<br />Part-A: deals with the comparison of the two countries on all the fronts- economic, social and political. The obvious discrepancies between a developing and a developed economy have been observed. Since India is on the rapid climb to development it holds great potential as a trading partner with Australia.<br />Part-B is also a comparison of the <b>economic development</b> in the two countries but it is historical in nature. Almost 3-4 decades development has been spanned at the level of various macro <b>economic</b> variables for both the countries. The data is visually represented for the ease of understanding.<br />Part-C goes into detail about the trading relations between India and Australia at present as well as in the last four decades. The trend in trading has been observed to be positive. An overview of the past and current Indo-Australian trade suggests that the scope for future trading relations is quite bright.<br />In Part-D, as the distributor of a leading production unit in Australia planning to relocate in India or Indonesia, a comparative study of India and Indonesia has been undertaken. Various aspects covering labor law and industrial disputes in the two countries have been taken into account. India, as compared to Indonesia, is a better choice for this project as it is a relatively stable country as far as the labor unrest is concerned.<br />

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