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Strategic assignment on Outsourcing industry in India

Number of Words : 2898

Number of References : 16


  Background – Where it all started?, Size & Growth of outsourcing industry
  Problems facing Indian outsourcing industry & the emergence of China
  Analysis & Recommendation of strategy – Recommended strategy, Issues to be considered, Conclusion


This paper is written to analyze the potential problems in India’s outsourcing industry and to recommend strategies to overcome those problems. The paper starts with a brief overview of the outsourcing industry and factor that were responsible for making India a market leader in this industry. A strategic analysis has been made to identify the problems that are currently been faced by the Indian outsourcing firms and problems that may arise in future. It has been identified that the emergence of China in this industry is a major threat for these firms. An attempt has been made to analyze the factors that are making China a serious competitor for India. After analyzing the problem from different perspectives, the strategy of collaborating with China’s outsourcing firms has been recommended for India’s outsourcing industry. The potential benefits that may derive from such collaboration have been closely looked at. An attempt has also been made to analyze the potential problems and the challenges that these firms may face in collaborating with each other. In the end the conclusion has been drawn over viewing the whole scenario and stressing the importance of such an alliance for both India and China.<br />

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