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Assignment on engagements of Indigenous people in Australia

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Number of References : 7


  Indigenous engagement in NRM activities
  Necessity of Indigenous engagement
  Success of Indigenous involvement- implications on NRM agencies


Indigenous people are engaged in NRM activities since ages without government sanction or support because it has been their culture and they see the protection of nature as a whole picture unlike the metrics used by the NRM agencies. Cultural and Natural resource management of any government should engage the indigenous people of the area. The indigenous can provide the knowledge accumulated over thousands of years and they do not distinguish between nature and culture. How the indigenous people can be engaged in NRM activities so that the society as a whole is benefited. Why the inclusion of the cultural values and not to see the Indigenous people as simply stakeholder in the management is analyzed. It is concluded that the knowledge of indigenous people used in NRM Agencies will benefit the land and the sea and engagement of the services of the indigenous people will benefit them financially and become included in the society.<br />

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