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Report on 'Industrial Visit to Coca-Cola Company situated in Verna plateau in south goa'

Number of Words : 1800


 Product Advancement
 The bottling system
 Trade Marks
 The men who made coca-cola


Coca-Cola Company is situated in Verna plateau in south goa. The coca-cola company was started in 1999.In India coca-cola was launched in October 1993 after the launch in Agra. The plant is spread over an area of 60,000 sq.mts. To produce coca-cola more sophisticated machineries are used by the company. <br />The plant can produce around 10,000 cases of soft drink per day and employs over 100 workers to do the work. Coca-cola is the most favorite drink in goa as it is the soft drink for the people staying in goa.<br />In this coca-cola company every flavor is used. When one process of flavor is completed the machine is cleaned and the time allotted for cleaning the machine is 2 hour.<br />In India there are more than 50 bottling partners and distribute the preferred brands viz, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Thumps Up, Limca, Maaza, Sprite And Crush to Indian consumers through a network of over 3,00,000 retail outlets spread across the country. The coca-cola India system is the largest soft drink producer in the country with a work force of over 15,000 people <br />

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