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Dissertation proposal on ‘The Influence of Oil and Natural Gas Industry on the Economy of Sultanate of Oman’

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  Research purpose
  Literature review
  Research question
  Research methods
  Content analysis
  Research plan


Dissertation is a thesis work done by applying the topics, subjects and theories studied in the course. The proposed dissertation is related to the economy of Sultanate of Oman. The dissertation title is ‘The Influence of Oil and Natural Gas Industry on the Economy of Sultanate of Oman’. The proposal forms the base for full fledged dissertation on the above said topic. The proposal includes the timeframes, methodologies used, research methods, review of the past and current oil and gas industry scenario of Oman. More importantly, the dissertation explores the possibilities of starting and giving impetus to other industries so that the nation continues to enjoy the healthy economy that it is experiencing now even after the oil reserves are exhausted.<br />The fist part of research work is done by studying the industry information available on the internet. The second part includes literature review of scholarly articles on macro-economy and industries. The part also includes application of some of the methods adopted by nations such as the UAE to boost economy even in the face of dwindling oil reserves, which are the major resource of income in the Middle East region. The third part includes formulating an action plan and proposing it to the government so that the government of Sultanate of Oman can start implementing diversification with the available resources well before the oil reserves exhaust. <br />The research work includes both qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods include the analysis of data and expert opinions available on the internet. Quantitative methods include survey by using questionnaire of industry experts, employees in the oil and gas industry as well as common citizens. <br />

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