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Influence of Work Groups and Teams, Conflicts and Negotiation on Organizational Culture

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 Introduction 2
 Work Groups and Teams 2
 Conflict and Negotiation 4
 Influence of Work Groups and Teams, Conflicts and Negotiation on Organizational Culture 7
 Conclusion 11
 References 12


In organizational life, groups and teams play an important life. Organizational structure includes sub-units, which are made up of groups of people and most of the activities carried out in the organization require some amount of co-ordination through operations of groups and teamwork (Alvesson, 2012). It is very essential for the manager to understand the nature of groups to influence behavior of the people in work situation as it directly impacts organizational performance. Most of the work in organization are group-based activities and if organization has to perform effectively and efficiently it requires co-operation and collaboration among its members (Furnham & Xenikou, 2013). Conflicts can be referred to as differences between two or more persons or groups characterized by emotion, tension, disagreement or polarization (Jandt, 2016). Organizations today are increasingly diverse and complex with large number of interdependencies and hence there are increased potential for several disagreements (Jeong, 2009). The report critically analyzes the impact of work group and teams on organizational effectiveness. The report also analyzes the causes of conflicts in an organization and its management and negotiation approach. The report then analyzes the influence of work group and teams and conflicts and negotiation on culture of an organization.<br />

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