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Analysis of the famous Information Systems case study on FlashMobz

Number of Words : 3407

Number of References : 12


 Introduction 2
 Identification of Key Business Challenges of Flashmobz acquisition of PhonesRUs 3
 Identification of Key Technical Challenges of transition to eCommerce 4
 Barriers to Implementation of E-Commerce 7
 Solutions to overcome the barriers 8
 Conclusion 9
 Recommendations 9
 Reflective Statement 11
 References 14


This report is based on the following task on the case study - <br />You are a member of SBS Consultant team employed by FlashMobz. You are required to write a professional report that deals with the issues outlined above and presents your analysis and recommendations -<br />- Identify key business and technical challenges of FlashMobz's acquisition of PhonesRUs and transition to e-commerce.<br />- Consider barriers to implementation and how these might be overcome.<br />- Build an inclusive and persuasive argument that can be presented to Asif. <br />

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