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Essay on the topic ‘Information Technology and Ethics go hand in hand’

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  Executive summary
  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  Surveillance – The rationale behind Surveillance Society
  Functional Creep
  Models of Surveillance or Ethical norms
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The entire concept of Information Technology was being identified, researched and discovered keeping that important word in mind Ethics. The basic values of doing any business, however we may say that business has most un-ethical practices one can think of, cannot be avoided because they are important and non-negotiable, and that is values and ethics or basic respect towards the product or the community being serviced. That is what information technology has basically being identified for. The predominant idea behind incorporate technology in every facet of doing business has been the customer is serviced at a right time and correctly or accurately so that possibility of doing repeat business is high. For every smooth delivery technology was adopted and implemented. For every large profitability and turn-around technology was identified as the only friend. This did not leave the idea of non-foul usage of technology for achieving the business goal or scoring brownie points in front of the world. Like any other tool for survival, technology is also used and Yes!, grossly used for foul practices, which are un-ethical, low in value and dis-respectful a gesture towards the larger community and cause. <br />Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is yet another discovery of technology which is one of the largest hi-technical tools today to be mis-used extensively across the globe. While closed monitoring is imperative in today’s society where there is un-controlled and non-briefed awareness around, however, it is important also, how to manage these vigil. Mankind, corporate and businesses have forgotten the idea that technology is a creation by human being and however smart my creation could be, I need to monitor it end of the day to keep in under vigil. Most of the cases whenever technology is mis-used, it is so as because we tend to leave it un-monitored and left loose. Therefore, it is proven through this argumentative discussion that technology and its tools are good to be discovered and used for business but at the same time, they should not be let loose and un-monitored. Each technical tool must adhere to basic ethics of human nature as technology is nothing but a human artificial creation. <br />

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