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Analysis of the famous case study Inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS foundation Trust (Alberti 2009, Thome 2009)

Number of Words : 3784

Number of References : 11


 Introduction 3
 Problem in the Foundation Trust 4
 Response to the Investigation and Preliminary Finding 5
 Detailed Enquiry and Findings 6
 Management of Patients in Emergency Care 7
 Patients admitted as Medical Emergencies 9
 Functioning of Surgical Emergencies 10
 The Administration at the Trust 11
 View from Managerial Concept 14
 1. Deficiencies in Induction of New Staff 14
 2. Lack of motivation and dedication 14
 3. Absence of Teamwork 14
 4. Failure of Communication channels 15
 Lack of Leadership 15
 Conclusion 15
 References 16


Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust provides medical services to a population of around 320,000 people from Stafford, Cannock, Rugeley and rural areas surrounding them. The services are provided through their two hospitals, Stafford Hospital and Cannock Chase Hospital. The two hospitals are well-established .Stafford Hospital was established in 1983 and has nearly 354 inpatient beds in 2008.Cannock hospital was opened in 1991 and has nearly 115 inpatient beds in 2008(Healthcare Commission 2009). Stafford Hospital is an acute hospital providing a wide range of non-specialist medical and surgical services. It has a round the clock accident and emergency department. Cannock hospital has orthopaedic service, elderly care service and rehabilitation (Healthcare Commission 2009).<br />The Trust was granted Foundation Trust status on 1st February 2008.By this status, it becomes and independent public benefit corporation and is free from Central Government control and outside the performance control by Strategic Health Authorities(SHA).It can manage its own finances, retaining any sures and borrowing for any investment(Healthcare Commission 2009).<br />During periodic inspections by the regulatory authorities, the functioning of the Trust was found to be normal except for shortage of nurses and the lack of facilities for preservation of privacy and dignity of its patients. The trust was rated good as per the existing standards, but was rated ‘weak’ in terms of new national targets (Smith 2009a, 2009b).<br />

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