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International expansion report for Diageo

Number of Words : 3599

Number of References : 21


 Executive Summary 1
 Introduction 3
 Globalization vis-à-vis Import and Export 4
 Current issues plaguing international business 5
 An overview of Diageo 6
 Cultural influences in international marketing 7
 Foreign Direct Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions 8
 Role of innovation 10
 Conclusion 11


Diageo has been in every sense a truly global company as it not only ensured that its products are available in most countries of the world but also established marketing offices in nearly a hundred countries and even went to the extent of manufacturing its products in countries as far apart as Caribbean and India. This has had a two-fold salutary effect on its global status. Firstly, its products are more readily available across the globe and, secondly, it has been able to modify its products so that they are able to incorporate local tastes while maintaining their uniqueness that has made them so popular to connoisseurs in every continent. Diageo has also gone for strategic acquisitions to make its product portfolio almost impossible for competitors to replicate thus gaining a permanent advantage over other players in this industry.<br />

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