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International Joint venture report for a Brazilian company EveGlobe to enter into UK market

Number of Words : 3676

Number of References : 15


 Executive Summary 4
 Introduction 5
 Report Background 5
 Company Details 5
 Aim of Report 5
 Purpose of Venture 5
 Failure with German Developers 6
 Why United Kingdom 6
 Market Maturity 6
 Technological Progress 7
 Customer Service 7
 Mode of Entry 7
 Strategies 9
 Organizational Structures 9
 Internationalization 10
 Control Factor 11
 Adaptive Efficiency and Rules of the Game 11
 Economic Theory View 12
 Quality Advantages 13
 Foreign Direct Investment 13
 Barriers to a successful IJV 14
 Cultural Differences 14
 Work Dynamics 14
 Entry Costs 14
 Communication 15
 Dominance of Host Company 15
 Critical View 16
 Conclusion 17
 Bibliography 18


The Brazilian company of EveGlobe is planning to enter the UK real estate market through joint venture with the UK based company of Hamptons International UK. This report highlights the critical point which reveals the focus of EveGlobe to enter into the new and dynamic market of UK which will make the company advance in terms of leveraging the technology and other resources in accordance to reach the global standard and enhance the competency of the Brazilian company. <br />

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