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International Marketing plan for Donut King

Number of Words : 3199

Number of References : 15


 Introduction 3
 Background 3
 About the company 3
 Overview of Oman 4
 Viability of Donut King’s new product in the Omani market 6
 Environmental analysis 7
 Analyzing external environment 7
 Economic factor 7
 Political factors 8
 Social factors 8
 Technological factors 9
 Financial factors 9
 Cultural factors 9
 Opportunities and challenges faced by Donut King in Oman 10
 Opportunities 10
 Challenges and recommendation 11
 Conclusion 12
 Reference List 14


With the advent of globalization, companies are facing open market competitions and are affected by changes in the global financial markets. It has become imperative for companies to expand their business operations in other countries to achieve better business outcomes. In the same manner, it can be noted that when organizations want to expand their business operations in new countries, targeting a market segment of the country and entering the country by launching a new product, has been seen as a productive and successful strategy (Talke & Hultink, 2010). This report aims to provide for a strategic international marketing plan for Australian Donut King, as it wants to expand its business operations by entering the fast food market of Oman. The company wants a launch a new variety of doughnut in Muscat, and takes advantage of the growing demand of fast food and the rising popularity of foreign food companies in the country. The study will investigate the environmental factors of Oman that creates opportunities and challenges for the market entry strategy and launch by Donut King. The study is based on sources from secondary data, and the results may vary when the dynamic market changes of the global environment are taken into account. <br />

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