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International Media Communications assignment comparing two news stories

Number of Words : 2403

Number of References : 8

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 Introduction 3
 Literature Review 3
 The Framing Theory 3
 The News Analysis: Comparison and Contrast 4
 Headlines/Lead-in 4
 Sources 4
 Language 5
 Visual Images 5
 Story Angle and Perspective 6
 Balance 7
 Fact/Commentary 7
 Neutrality 7
 Label 7
 Historical References 8
 Conclusion 8
 Bibliography 9


Comparing and Contrasting news articles on the same topic are a very interesting activity to be done. It is so because it helps to analyze the perceptions of the media behind flashing the same news in two different perspectives. It also helps to understand the type of journalism that is being adopted by the different media. It also helps to understand the kind of response the news piece intends to generate. Most of the media use journalism to show a cause and effect relationship by depicting the responses of the people to the happening of an event (Schulten, 2011). <br />The news covered for this report is the statement by Obama, the United States President about same sex marriage. The statements and the compilation of the facts in the news articles aimed at creating undulated outcomes in the audience mind (Schulten, 2011). <br />

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