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International Operations Management Report on Nike

Number of Words : 4668

Number of References : 16


 1.0. Executive Summary 3
 2.0. Introduction 3
 3.0. Background Analysis of Nike Incorporation 4
 4.0. Nike Inc. and International Operational Management 4
 5.0. Supply Chain Management 7
 6.0. Ethics in Supply Chain management 8
 7.0. Outsourcing, FDI / Joint Venture 9
 8.0. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 11
 9.0. Nike’s Sustainability in International operations 12
 10.0. Conclusion 13
 11.0. References 15


The report highlights on the International operations management and looks at the various aspects of sustainability, outsourcing strategy, Foreign Direct Investment and Corporate social responsibility. This report is a case study on Nike and highlights the operations management of the firm in an international level. The first section of the report focuses on international operational management adopted by Nike for market expansion and cost efficiency. Nike majorly operates by outsourcing the productions to countries like China, Indonesia etc. It helps the firm to cut the cost of bulk investment and fixed cost involved in that and attains cost efficiency. Firm is also benefitted by focusing majorly on value additional activity like innovation, marketing etc. This section also highlights on use of Enterprise Resource Planning and electronic data interchange by the firm to guide the enterprise in managing the operations efficiently by improving performance of the inventory, quality of the production and supply chain management. Nike majorly diverted its foreign direct investment vertically to attain cost efficiency. The second part of the report looks at the ethic in supply chain management and Nikes initiative towards the environment and labor right of outsourcing firms.<br />

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