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Review of an academic journal on Internet & Marketing

Number of Words : 2511

Number of References : 9


  Key contention of the article
  Identification & Discussion of Practical implications of the research
  Limitations of the article


The purpose of this essay is to critically analyse the article of Joia and de Oliveira (2008) titled ‘Development and Testing of an E-Commerce Web Site Evaluation Model.’ The article is focused on the use of the internet in marketing in that it seeks to explain how marketing on the internet (the focus is on electronic retailing) can influence purchasing attitudes and intention. By developing a model of consumer purchasing and technological acceptance, the article finds that, in the case of CD music, “ease of use, trust, pleasure, and attractiveness as perceived by visitors to CD e-retailing Web sites are key issues for understanding customer attitude and purchasing” (Joia and de Oliveira 2008: 37). While this finding is based on a relatively robust empirical model, the article nevertheless has its problems and limitations. The implication is that the findings of the article need to be treated with a degree of caution by marketing practitioners. <br /> The essay is structured as follows. The first section outlines the key contention of the article and its relationship to the marketing literatures. This is followed by a discussion that identifies and outlines the practical implications of the research. The final section provides a critique of the article’s limitations.<br />

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