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Research plan on IT Alignment & Logistics

Number of Words : 3046

Number of References : 10


 Introduction on IT Alignment & Logistics
 Background to the problem
 Literature review on IT Alignment & Logistics
 Research questions on IT Alignment & Logistics
 Aim & significance of research on IT Alignment & Logistics
 Research strategy approach & methodology
 Data gathering & analysis techniques of IT Alignment & Logistics
 Rigor, validity, reliability & ethics
 IT Alignment & Logistics Research schedule/timeline
 References of IT Alignment & Logistics


This paper addresses the research topic of <b>information technology</b> (IT) <b>alignment</b> and <b>logistics</b>. The research plan includes in-depth investigation of the effectiveness of various <b>IT</b> strategies on a business organization. The different roles and functionalities of <b>IT</b> development firms is also a case of concern in this research plan. This paper discus the various issues of relevant <b>importance</b> to the research topic.<br />

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