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Case study analysis on IT Alignment in the World Bank

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 Introduction on alignment between Information Technology (IT) and the World Bank
 GICT: An overview of IT Alignment in the World Bank
 Information for development program (infoDev)
 Products & services of Information Technology (IT)
 World Bank’s technology sector investments
 IT framework of the World Bank
 IT business alignment: An overview
 References of Information Technology (IT) and the World Bank


This paper addresses the aspect of <b>alignment</b> between <b>Information</b> <b>Technology</b> <b>(IT)</b> and the <b>World Bank</b>. The business strategies with regard to this <b>alignment</b> are analyzed carefully and at large. Besides, the new aims and objectives focused by the <b>Word Bank</b> are also described in the paper. By and large, the paper focuses on the <b>IT-World Bank</b> <b>alignment</b> and the strategies for its success. It evaluates the effectiveness of the various IT applications adopted by the <b>World Bank</b>. In this context, the functionalities and responsibilities of the Global Information and Communication Technologies - the significant section of the <b>World Bank</b> responsible for its various projects - are also analyzed with examples with regard to the effectiveness of this IT-business <b>alignment</b> of the <b>World Bank</b><br />

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