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Role of IT in supply chain management

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 Executive summary on supply chain management
 Introduction of supply chain management
 EDI, E-commerce and Physical supply chain
 B2B Ecommerce and informational supply chain
 Comprehensive supply chain network
 Conclusion on supply chain management
 List of references for supply chain management


In this study the use of IT for <b>Supply chain management</b> purposes was studied by dividing the use of IT into three categories, 1) transaction processing, 2) <b>supply chain</b> planning and collaboration, and 3) order tracking and delivery coordination. Further, the drivers behind these different IT use types were examined. Based on the empirical data collected for this study, the three IT use categories proposed represent well the roles that IT plays in <b>Supply Chain Management</b>. In addition to clarifying this widely discussed topic, the categorization provides a basis for further research on the use of IT in SCM.<br />

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