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Analysis of the famous case study - It’s Not Your Business!: Footsteps: a small family business case study

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  Executive Summary
  Porters Analysis
  Marketing Plan
  SWOT Analysis
  Marketing Mix
  Investment Appraisal
  Time Scale for the project
  Software, hardware and ISP


This paper answers the following questions on the case study – <br />You are the CEO of Inter-Net Ltd., a new IT consultancy business that Footsteps Historical Tours have engaged in order to evaluate how they should update the IT side of their business, so that they can trade on the Internet.<br />Prepare a report for the management of Footsteps Historical Tours which focuses on the following areas.<br />1. Prepare a strategic analysis of ‘Footsteps Historical Tours’, <br />2. Prepare a marketing plan that will enable the company to trade as a successful on-line travel business. You should take into account the relative IT inexperience of the current business owners and recommend suitable hardware and software, ISP etc. <br />3. Provide an investment appraisal for the project (based on the payback method) bearing in mind the costs of necessary equipment and web-site development, training/personnel, together with anticipated returns in the form of additional profits (assume that they have sufficient funds to pay for the project without additional finance).<br />4. Recommend a timescale for Footsteps Historical Tours to implement the IT project.<br />

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