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Analysis of the famous case study - Jeff Immelt and the Reinventing of General Electric

Number of Words : 3075

Number of References : 14


 This report is based on the following questions -
 Using appropriate academic models and concepts identify GE’s core competences and capabilities and discuss their effectiveness in supporting the corporate’s success up to 2009.
 Draft a briefing report to Jeff Immelt that advances an argument for the use of the real options approach to strategic planning as GE attempts to address the problems that engulfed the corporate in 2009. Once again, you should make specific reference to key authors and concepts within the real options domain
 Outline and discuss some strategic options (at least two) available to GE over the next five years (2009+). Your answer should include an explanation as to how these options will be implemented and evaluated (you should again make reference to appropriate academic models and concepts).


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