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Report on Import of Keo Karpin Hair Products in Australia

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 Executive Summary
 Keo Karpin – Product details & SWOT analysis
 Positioning Strategy
 Perceptual Map
 Critical Analysis of proposed Marketing Strategy
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Australia is a place on the globe, which has been famous for its natural beauty and hence has always been a great place of attraction for tourists from across the world. That’s how the economy of the country has grown. Major revenue for the government of Australia comes from tourism only. The place used to be natural in its core and hence, beauty is personified. Gradual developments, a lot of global interaction, pushed the place to develop largely. While we write this project today, Australia is a strong part of the Commonwealth Nations membership, with 17th position in the world in terms of GDP, 16th in the world in terms of per capita income, and increasing further. We see them everywhere now and they are extremely receptive to any new change coming or happening around the world. With the increasing globalization, and linkage with the United Kingdom, Australia had the privilege of being exposed to the international market quite fast. Various contemporary products for various purposes are introduced and successfully marketed in Australia, till Australia realized that it has its own natural content very high. Australia started contributing to the global personal care market by flaunting its natural ingredients. Being a place close to nature, the products, Australia started manufacturing and exporting are all organic based and hence, it caught momentum very fast. Organic products are no contains of chemical and harmful elements that spoils a skin or any personal sensitive area of a human body. <br />Today, Australia is a hub of organic and natural products. Australian hair care market had generated total revenue of $656 million in 2007, representing a CAGR of 2.3% for the period of 2003-2007. People only use organic, chemical free, natural products for all kind of baby and personal care starting from skin to hair. We have chosen our project on a hair care product which is equally famous in the Indian market and made of non-harmful chemicals and organics and that is Keo Karpin. <br />In this project, we would evaluate the possibility of an imported organic product being successful in the Australian market. The company is Weird Products' who are famous for unique innovations in the market of Australia. We would begin by doing a SWOT analysis to see what Keo Karpin has in it as uniqueness and major attributes to be chosen to import into Australia. We would do a market scan and understand the segmentation that the Australian market is already divided into. We would also look at the current market players who could be straight competitions to us and build up a positioning strategy, which would be different from them. Through a detailed marketing strategy report, including pricing, packaging, promotion etc, and a detailed critical analysis we would reach the conclusion whether Keo Karpin import into Australia would be a profitable for Weird Product or not really. <br />

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