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Knowledge management (KM) assignment on GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Number of Words : 4105

Number of References : 22


 Executive Summary 2
 Background of Chosen Company 3
 Nature of Operations 3
 Business Objectives 3
 Literature Review of theories and models of knowledge sharing 3
 Knowledge Category Model 4
 Intellectual Capital Model 5
 Socially Constructed Model 6
 Literature review of the barriers to knowledge sharing 8
 Organizational Domain 8
 People Domain 8
 Process and Technology Domain 9
 Diagnosis of knowledge sharing in the organization and barriers to sharing in the firm 10
 Knowledge Sharing Framework. 11
 Effective knowledge sharing practices for the firm. 13
 Conclusion 13
 References 15
 Bibliography 16


This assignment is based on the following description – <br />It is generally agreed among scholars and practitioners that most of the knowledge that resides within organisations is tacit in nature. Tacit knowledge refers to that knowledge that cannot be articulated and stored independently and normally remains part of the individual’s cognitive thought. This knowledge remains an important factor for achieving competitive advantage in today’s knowledge based economies. Thus, it is vital for organisations to ensure such knowledge is captured and managed effectively and this can be achieved through effective knowledge sharing practices. Knowledge sharing is noted as one of the most important knowledge management activities. However, there remain<br />many barriers to knowledge sharing as people are reluctant to share knowledge.<br />As the newly appointed Knowledge Management (KM) director, your company has given you the task of turning the firm into a knowledge based organisation. <br />You were given the task to look into the following:<br />1. To identify the barriers to knowledge sharing in the firm.<br />2. To develop a knowledge sharing framework.<br />3. To suggest effective knowledge sharing practices for the firm.<br />You are required to write a report to the management addressing the issues above.<br />

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