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Report on the Role & Importance of Knowledge Management at Infosys

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 Introduction 4
 Background of Infosys Limited 5
 Knowledge Management at Infosys 6
 Impact of Organization Structure & Culture on Knowledge Management 12
 Comparison of KM at Infosys and IBM 15
 Knowledge Management at IBM 15
 A Comparison 17
 Recommendations 19
 Conclusion 19
 References 21


Knowledge management is a fairly recent managerial process that is gaining importance within organizational activities in the recent years. Knowledge management is about capturing knowledge of the employees and also that which was acquired by the organization, and to make it reusable such that people do not have to start learning all over again when faced with similar business or technical challenges. Knowledge can be in the form of business articles, research papers, experiences of the employees, tacit knowledge put in the form of valuable tips in order to carry out certain task etc. There are various approaches to knowledge management. Two of the main approaches are creating knowledge repositories and mapping expertise. Infosys is one of the leading software companies in the world. The company started with a very humble capital investment but went to become a global leader in the information technology services and even listed in NASDAQ. Knowledge management at Infosys started as user initiative. A few of Infosys employees mooted the idea of capturing and creating knowledge base so that other employees would benefit from it. What started as a casual initiative to create and capture knowledge, later grew to be a valuable organizational process. Infosys approaches to knowledge management by creating knowledge repositories with both individual created and process information and also maps expertise. Knowledge management at IBM though uses similar approach albeit with different names, knowledge management at IBM was initiated as a managerial decision after identifying knowledge as valuable asset. IBM has provided full supporting process status to knowledge management but Infosys’ knowledge management is yet to gain such prominence. The paper recommends Infosys to view knowledge as valuable capital which can be translated in terms of monetary gains by way of saving on learning, training and other expenses and provide knowledge management a prominent status within its organizational processes. <br />

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