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Marketing plan on Kraft Food Ltd, Australia

Number of Words : 3785

Number of References : 25

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 Executive Summary 4
 Introduction: 5
 General market Trends: 5
 Postulates of this report: 5
 Marketing statement: 5
 Situation analysis: 6
 Internal environment: 6
 Financial situation: 6
 Non-financial situation: 7
 Overreaching business strategy: strategies above business gains 7
 Take care of employees: 7
 Channels: 7
 External environment: 8
 Australia contemporary market situation: 8
 Competitive environment: 8
 Economic environment: 9
 Demographic environment: 10
 Population, Religion, Education, health: 10
 Social & cultural overview: 10
 Political & legal scenario: 11
 SWOT analysis: 11
 Strengths: 11
 Weakness: 11
 Opportunity: 11
 Threats: 11
 Critical issues: 12
 Marketing objectives: 12
 Marketing strategies: 12
 Target markets: 12
 Product strategy: 13
 Pricing strategy: 13
 Promotion strategy: 13
 Distribution strategy: 13
 Recommended changes: 13
 Implementation plans: 14


The major postulates which can be drawn from the following article can be categorized as follows:<br /> The strong foundation of business in Australia by The Kraft foods group;<br /> The overwhelming reputation it has gained via its socialist, environment friendly faces;<br /> The outstanding research standings in terms of revenues earned in Australia;<br /> The major points in this marketing plan have presented data about recent researches which will enable the marketing team to plan practically & perfectly for a new product.<br /> The implications that the marketing plan implementation bring will be steady & long lasting if implemented accordingly.<br />

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