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Assignment on inequality in the labour market of Australia

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 This assignment answers the following 2 questions –
 1. Critically evaluate the argument that the labour market in Australia has witnessed deepening inequality over the last two decades
 2. To what extent did the Work Choices legislation individualise the employment relationship?


Tremendous industrial growth in the last century has made various positive effects but at the same time it has given raise to many new and complex problems which make a negative impact on the society. One such problem is the inequality in the labor market. As the number of jobs has increased and, the complexity and nature of jobs has changed and become more dynamic, it has lead to more complex issues. Labor inequality, even though had been prevalent in the society for a very long time there has been an increase in the last century. There are various factors that have contributed to the inequality in the labor market. <br />This paper is targeted at addressing the situation in the Australian Labor market. There has been an argument that the labor market in Australia has witnessed deepening inequality over the last two decades. This paper critically evaluates this statement with the help of existing literature and data from various studies. The paper also discusses how the Work Choices had lead to the individualization of industrial relations in Australia.<br />

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