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This paper provides answer to the following law questions –<br />Short Answer <br />1. Briefly describe the difference between subject-matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction. <br />2. Briefly describe the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. <br />3. Briefly describe the difference between throughput and response time. <br />4. Briefly describe the difference between a dynamic Web page and a static Web page. <br />Short Essay <br />5. Sally Baker is the marketing manager for a company that sells music online. She’s interested in the pros and cons of sending emails to customers who have purchased music from the company’s web site. Her initial proposal is to offer discounts for selected songs and albums to customers via email. The emailed discounts would be tailored based on each customers past purchases. In about 500 words, write a memo which:<br />1. Discusses issues related to unsolicited email.<br />2. Discusses the potential opportunities presented through personalised solicited email.<br />3. Discusses the important principles for handling customer data that the music company should follow. <br />Essay<br />6. Mark Jones is the General Manager of the online music company for which Sally Baker works. He has some security concerns about the current technical setup of their computer assets. The company keeps the computers that run its Web server, database server, and transaction processing server on-site at the company’s premises. The servers are in a separate computer room which is secured by a standard office door and lock. The company is also in the process of adding wireless access points (WAPs) to its network. The company occupies the six middle floors in a 12-story office building that is located in a downtown business area between two other buildings of similar height. <br />In about 700 words:<br />1. Provide Mark Jones a general briefing about computer security and risk management.<br />2. Identify at least four threats to the company’s computer assets and discuss appropriate countermeasures.<br />3. Based on Schneider’s Risk Management Model (Figure 10-1), identify the appropriate quadrant for each of your threats and explain why you have given them this classification. <br />

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