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Reflective assignment on Leadership and Change Management

Number of Words : 2991

Number of References : 10


  Theory X and Theory Y of Douglas McGregor
  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Motivational Theory
  Group Dynamics


The following is a reflection of my stint with ABC Constructions Pte. Ltd., a Singapore based construction corporation, which has a branch office in Melbourne, Australia. It is a large sized company having operations in the Asia Pacific region. It had recently opened its operations in Australia. The nature of the work the company undertook was urban infrastructure constructions such as flyovers, underpasses, metro rail tunnels etc. I worked there as senior human resource executive. I was in charge of a small team of human resource executives. My job was to look after the well being, wages, transportation, living conditions of the low class workers that were brought from the South East Asia. He team of workers moves with the company operations to different nations where the company has bagged huge infrastructure construction projects. Although, the company hires local workers too, this core team of employees which was involved in activities such as heavy equipment operation, earth mover operation etc. My job was to interact with these low class employees and look after their needs such as food, shelter, travel arrangements, visa preparations, orienting them to the new nation’s culture and work responsibilities etc. I had a team of three executives to assist me. I would report to the Human Resource Manager, who was handling more than a thousand employees that were directly or indirectly employed by the company. <br />

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