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Assignment on different leadership approaches

Number of Words : 3416

Number of References : 9


 Introduction to leadership and leadership approaches
 Leadership approaches – Types of leadership, Decision making and other attributes, Behavioral leadership, Transformational leadership
 Leadership model for Easy Ltd. – SWOT analysis: The strategy
 Approaching Mitleton-Kelly thesis
 Conclusion on different leadership approaches


<b>Leadership</b> indeed is something which leads people where they ought to go. Here in this assignment assuming I am newly appointed CEO of ‘Easy limited’- cycle manufacturing company, I will present how a leader should perform in order to ripe successful results to favor people as well as the company. Being a newly appointed CEO of Easy Limited is not an easy job. More to say not because it’s a critical position but company is in unimaginable low’s and seemingly has become beyond any control to save its future.<br />

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