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Leadership in Early Childhood Education

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 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Assessment: Essay 1
 Identify an experience in an early childhood setting that required leadership.
  Describe the situation. (200-300 words)
  Critically analyse the situation in terms of FOUR of the following concepts: Leadership style, Leadership and management,
 Collaborative leadership, Influence of gender, Developing vision, Strategic planning, Implementing, monitoring and carrying out management plans, Building capacity for change, Organisational culture, Communication, Teams, Supervision mentoring and coaching.
  Analyse and justify strategies for effectively leading and managing staff in early childhood centres. LOs 1, 2, 3 (1200-1300 words)
 Guidelines: Essay 1
  The situation should be one where there has been a management/leadership intervention.
  After describing the situation, you should then analyse the situation according your four chosen concepts. You should examine
 what DID occur rather than what should or will occur, meaning you should examine how management/leadership has intervened and assess this intervention with reference to your chosen concepts. For example, you might look at how management has intervened in a staff conflict from a leadership style perspective. Did their intervention suggest an autocratic or democratic style of leadership, why and what was the impact of this approach?
  In your analysis you need to demonstrate both your understanding of the concept with regards to how it has been framed by the literature, and then apply that understanding to the actual situation.
 Assessment: Essay 2
 Considering your discussion, articulate your personal philosophy regarding effective leadership in the early childhood sector, with reference to course literature. LOs 1, 2, 3 (1000 words)
 Guidelines: Essay 2
  Consider your own personal philosophy and how this impacts on your philosophy of leadership. For example, if you believe in democratic participation in the workplace, then consider how this will impact on the kind of leadership style you advocate for.
  Furthermore, consider your philosophy on leadership to who you are as a teacher and who you are as an individual. It is very important that this reflection is well supported by literature.
 LO1: Critically analyse leadership within the early childhood context.
 LO2: Critically examine the multiple roles of effective leadership within the early childhood context. LO3: Analyse and justify strategies for effectively leading and managing staff in early childh


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