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Report on Leadership at KTG Consulting, Australia

Number of Words : 2626

Number of References : 9


 Introduction 3
 About KTG 3
 The Problem Situation 4
 Approach based on Leadership Concepts and Theories 4
 The Path-Goal Theoretical Approach 4
 The LMX Theory 5
 Communication Related Motivation Theories 5
 Leadership Strategy 6
 Motivational Plans 7
 Communication Plans 8
 Conclusion 10
 Bibliography 11


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />The situation<br />You are employed by KTG, a successful consulting company that provides a diverse range of engineering, architectural, mining, construction and environmental services. Within the company, you are a well-regarded and upwardly mobile project manager. KTG has regional offices in every Australian state capital and in 20 other cities around the world. KTG has experienced rapid growth over the last ten years, except for brief slow-downs in some regions during the recent financial crises.<br />The company has a formal matrix structure. The 'Business' stream is responsible for growing the enterprise, gaining contracts, managing projects and delivering to clients. The 'Knowledge' stream is responsible for developing, sharing and leveraging the expertise and capability of individuals and of the company as a whole. Each staff member simultaneously has a Business stream leader and a Knowledge stream leader. Business streams usually report to a regional head. Knowledge streams report to the Chief Knowledge Officer at KTG's corporate headquarters.<br />The CEO has recently asked you to take over the regional head role for your current region which has been underperforming compared with the rest of the company. However, significant potential for growth exists, particularly in the renewable energy sector. Your challenge is to lift the business performance and capability of your regional office to at least company average. Your region currently has 24 professional staff and ten support staff. The previous regional head has taken early retirement because of ill health.<br />In a recent operational review of the region, KTG’s CEO found:<br /> a mismatch between current expertise and growth potential in the region<br /> anout-of-dateoperationalplan,andnostrategicplan<br /> a generally de-motivated staff with a lack of clarity about their future<br /> a highly regarded, very influential, locally based Knowledge stream leader whose expertise,<br />while important in the past, is less relevant to emerging business opportunities in the region<br /> a lack of staff awareness of KTG business goals, values and policies<br /> a lack of engagement with the community and regional government.<br />Describe the actions you propose to take to establish your leadership effectively in the region and to address the issues identified specifically in the CEO's review. Your answer should include a justification of your actions, referencing the material that you have studied so far in Unit 430.<br />

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